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Vintage Gibson Maestro Fuzztone FZ-1A NOT A REISSUE


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alright i someone who did not have any knowledge regarding this pedal gave this to me, from the research i did, i think that this pedal was made sometime during the 60's

THIS IS NOT A REISSUE, it's the real deal

it's old and beat up, it's kinda rusty too, however it still works
also, the cable attached to it is being retarded, you kinda have to twist and turn it and stuff to get it to work.

if you know what this is, then you'd know what this thing can do

i just wanna see what i can get for this

id rather sell it here or whatnot, but if that doesnt happen i guess ill just ebay it
hit me up with your offers or trades
(stuff im interested in as far as trades go: a fuzz factory, or whatever else you think might interest me)

oh yea, i'll put more detailed pics of it later if you deem necessary, but right now, you're stuck with this quality sorry




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