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FS/FT Dunlop Crybaby Highly Modded - Project


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$125 Shipped

you pay paypal fee


This pedal is either for sale or for trade. come up with a combination of $$/pedals that you think fits the bill.

I can also throw in a little $ if the deal calls for it. Although I am looking specifically for the pedals below, but I am open to all offers


Things I am Looking for:

whammy xp-100

whammy IV

Shure sm57


RMC Wizard Wah

RMC Wheels of Fire

All of these wahs have to be in the fuzz friendly model era


I have here a highly modded crybaby. I bought it off someone on TGP about a half a year ago. When I bought it it had been modded for True Bypass. And it had an LED installed on the top of the pedal, and a Q control installed on the top right of the pedal.


When I got it I decided to do two things:

1. Make several changes to the PCB

a. Vocal Mod changed the 33k res to 56k res

b. Increase Midrange/Smooth Heel Toe Trans changed the 1.5k res to 2.2k

c. Lower Range changed 0.01uF cap to 0.022uf cap (this is the main difference between a dunlop JH-1 wah and a GCB-95 wah)

2. Install the Area51 Output Buffer


The Area51 buffer works great, and all mods were made to make the wah sound best to my ear.


I am letting this one go, because It's an ongoing project for me to get the sound I want from this thing. I have tried different cap's and resistors all over the place, and I have other projects now that I was to pursue, so its time to let this go and get $ for a pro made wah like the Teese RMC's


One more thing, when I installed the vocal mod, I decided to disconnect the Q control from the circuit. I preferred the resistor by itself, but if you would like the Q connected again, it is a very simple mod, and I will include the wires to fulfill that mod.





Samson q7 Dynamic Mic

$70 Shipped and paypal'd


mic was very lightly used. perfect condition, LIKE NEW. Comes with case pictured below.



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