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FS/FT: EMG 85 pickup, DigiTech Grunge, Line6 Uber Metal, Boss NS-2


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So I have a few things for sale, but am open to trades.


I have:


- EMG 85 pickup --- $75 shipped to Canada, $80 to the US.

An excellent condition EMG 85 active pickup w/ Quik-Connect, and all the stuff you need to install it (pre-amp, pots, wiring, etc.). This was taken out of an LTD MHB-400 Baritone guitar and replaced with an EMG 60. All the parts except the pickup itself are BRAND NEW, NEVER USED, and it will come in the 60's original box. I am also the original owner of the guitar, if that makes any difference :)


- DigiTech Grunge --- $35 shipped to Canada, $40 to the US. *GONE*

This is an excellent dirt box that I have used for a number of months to get many high gain distortion tones that I use on a regular basis. However I recently purchased a Damage Control Solid Metal... and though I use multiple distortion pedals, this one no longer has a permanent place on my board and so could use the cash for a couple other effects. Don't let its cheap price fool you! The reviews on this thing are great and I have personally vouched for its sound on other websites. It's excellent, and even sounds good on top of Line6 modeled clean tones which many effects don't. (I own a Randall stack and also a Line6 Spider II combo amp). Mint condition.


- Line6 Uber Metal --- $70 shipped to Canada, $75 to the US.

Excellent/mint condition. Huge gain on this. 3 gain types (Pulverize is easily the best, IMO). Two mid controls, Mid and Scoop. Awesome, but my Solid Metal covers this ground.


- Boss NS-2 --- prefer a trade. *GONE*

I prefer to trade this for an ISP Decimator (they are two different animals, one is not better than another, in my opinion)... but will take the right cash offer.

I have some noise from my Damage Control pedals that the NS-2 can't get rid of completely. This is the first time the NS-2 hasn't been able to entirely eliminate a noise. Looking to get an ISP Decimator pedal instead. This thing rocks with ANYTHING ELSE, though. Excellent condition.


Pics coming. Things I am looking for in a trade (am willing to add $$ for the right deal):

- EHX Micro POG

- ISP Decimator pedal

- EHX Small Stone

- MXR Phase 90 (modded or not)

- Damage Control Glass Nexus

- Damage Control Timeline

- another ESP/LTD guitar with active EMGs. (especially looking at getting an FX-400).







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