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FS: Vaughn modded TS-9 Tubescreamer


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Ibanez TS-9 TubeScreamer, Vaughn modded, $OLD paypalled and shipped


Dual Tri-mode (9 modes), "Brown Mod", plus Hi-fi caps, carbon comp resistors, socketed IC and true bypassed. I'll include the original knobs too, I just like the Fender style amp knobs, has a TL072 chip in it, I'll throw in a RC4559 if you want it.


Read all about it here: http://www.wpa.net/~vaughn/ts9/ts9.html


Great pedal I'm a bit OD heavy at the moment






Looking to trade for a non-folded case Woodrow, MoFaux vibe, Tele pups that's about it


Thanks for lookin',


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