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FT - Parachute wah, Disaster Transport, Morley SCV, Worm, DL4, EP1, RF1, XT2, AF-9,


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I always encourage trades. I also accept paypal.

email me at steveyjoey@gmail.com


Chicago Iron Parachute Wah like new - *trades only toward a Skreddy Echo unless you can talk me out of it

Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler - *trades only toward something in my want list below.

Marshall Reflector stereo reverb pedal - trades

Maxon AF9 Auto Filter - near mint in box - 160

Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer w/ JRC4558D chip - 130

Ibanez BE10 Bass EQ - trades

Thisonesmyne built "Peep" Photo Eye Expression Pedal - 20 or trades

Morley SCV Stereo Chorus Vibrato - vintage - trades

Vintage Colorsound wah - Made in England - rough cosmetic shape but solid, quiet and sounds amazing - 280

Vintage Thomas Organ Crybaby - TDK inductor - 100 or trades

Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport - 130 or trades

Black Cat Super Fuzz mint in box - 135 or trades



Jay Turser Beatle Bass Coffin Case for Bass - black velvet interior, black case. Mint

Epiphone Mandolin

Roland K-500 Keyboard amp

Zildjian ZHT 18" china cymbal

Zildjian Planet Z 16" ride


I also have a ton of accessories to offer in this thread:


Stuff like:


Dunlop chrome slide

Stevens lap steel slide

Shubb guitar capo (chrome) (keeping)

Kyser Guitar capo (gold)

Fat finger for bass

Fat finger for guitar

Crybaby Hot Potz 2 100K Wah pot

Schaller straplocks in Gold, chrome or black

Seymour Duncan 1/4 lb P-bass pickup

Gripmaster med tension (sold)

Fender MIM bass bridge

Fender Jazz bass bridge cover

Ibanez MU-30 tuner/metromone

Martin bridge pins with abalone dot

Fender 70's pickup and bridge covers (x2)


Vintage ACE stained glass strap just like the one Hendrix used. one leather side is torn but seems salvageable

12' Monster cable ROCK for guitar

12' Monster cable BASS

AKG K220M Monitoring headphones

George L's pop in acoustic pickup.

4 chrome pedal couplers (sold)

1 gold pedal coupler

Option knob (foot control for any knob)


Fender 5 way switch

3 tremolo springs

6 WD 500K pots

2 500k push pull pots

Boss / Digitech adapters.


Looking for in trade:

Moog MF-101 Low pass filter


EHX Double Muff

Line 6 MM4

Wampler Ego Compressor

Skreddy Echo

Boss PS-2

Boss DD-5

Boss CE-2

Musitronics Mu-tron III in decent condition

3PDT switches

BYOC, GGG kits

ZVEX Fuzz Factory

OLC Chunky Cheese

Super Fuzz clone (Leeds)

Wilson Ten Spot 2 wah

Dunlop Buddy Guy wah

Deering Goodtime open-back banjo

Peavey Grind Bass

Istanbul flat ride

but TRY ME if you have something I might like.

I like wahs, sensitive overdrives, fuzz (no upper octave), delays, maybe a bit crusher or some interesting modulation

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too many people are trying to send me PM's and are failing.

Please read my sig before trying to do so, or just post in the thread.

I don't like the private messaging system on HC and I choose not to use it until they expand it.


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