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Catalinbread, Whammy, Boss, MXR, Rat2


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catalinbread hyperpak $95 ..little scratched up works great

whammy IV $100 ...like new shape..no adapter

boss ps-5 $90 ...few scratches works great

mxr wylde od $45 ...few scratches works great

rat2 w/ ruetz mod. $55 great shape


i'm gonna be puting these on evilbay soon but i thought since 1.0 was back i'd give it a shot!


only trades considered are ISP decimator, Xotic RC booster, a small phaser, or some 18" to 24" patch cords(that would be super)


also pm me if you have some extra output cables for a dunlop dc brick...i will take them off your hands


thanks for looking:thu:

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