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Trades or cheap:DOD fx-17 Wah/Volume


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DOD fx-17:

Ultra compact Wah/Volume/ Voltage control expression pedal. These are getting hard to find and functioning ones in this good of condition are getting even harder to find. Even includes the original battery door cover which seems to always get lost in the sands of time!

No pots to wear out in this unit... it uses some kind of vairable capacitor on a plate that slides along side of a sensor. 2 internal trim pots accessible from the outside with a small screw driver to adjust sweep/range/min & max gain.


Usual wear going on here for a pedal that has survived the last 3 decades. Much better condition than most of the ones I see going on the ebay.



Looking for a tremolo (anything but dano), or maybe a vibrato. Or bass related stuff.

....otherwise $60 gets it shipped anywhere in the lower 48.





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