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Gibson GA15-RVT, $425.

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This is for a GA15 RVT Explorer amplifier with the white face, which I understand are later models. I am the third owner. I brought it over to my EE friend, as there were issues with the volume and he performed a few cosmetic and tonal modifications, after we discovered that it there were some changes from the second owner:


-The reverb tank was destroyed. There was essentially one spring left. We replaced the reverb tank with a newer accutronics tank and replaced the moldy reverb bag. All reverb send wire was replaced with shielded wire

Many of the modifications suggested by John King on alt.guitar.amps where done, including:

-Filter caps were checked

-3 prong conversion and removal of death caps.

-added/changed cathode bypass caps on 1st and 2nd gain stages.

-added .01uf cap in parallel to C1.

-changed the input resistor values.

Essentially, these open the amp up and reduce the treble that these are known to have.

The biggest change was the original crappy 10" speaker was scrapped and replaced with a 12" Celestion V30. Incredible difference. The new baffle was custom cut and we replaced the torn speaker cloth with cloth that closely resembles the original. (I'm not sure if my firend has the original baffle and speaker, but I can check.)

There were a mix of replacement tubes put in including a pair of Mullard 6EU7s purchased from ebay. These were tested and are good.

The schematic of the mods will be included as is a list of mods. I can scan these for any interested party.


Original footpedal is included. This amp does have tube driven reverb and tremolo. Its a nice amp for jazz and textural playing.


I'm looking for $425 plus shipping with the Celestion or $400 with a Reverend Alltone. No trades, as I am looking to pay off my band's record. This is a nice amp that we took great time and care in repairing and modifying. I am not an EE or a tech, but can do my best or can reach out to asnwer any technical questions.





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