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Peavey Classic 100 Head $500 or Half Stack $650


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This is an amazing amplifier than not too many people are aware of. It's got one of the best clean channels of almost anything out there. Easily as good as a Fender Twin. Tons of head room, doesn't break up if you don't want it to...but can at the turn of a knob.



The distortion is sort of Marshall-ish with more low end and personality. This amp is EL84 driven so it has a different sound than EL34 or 6L6 amplifiers. It's simply got to be heard to be believed.



Great amp for anything from blues to Metal. I've played this amp in an industrial band and a Metal band it it KILLS. It stands out in a mix because it is so unique sounding...not muddy or loose in the low end, not harsh and biting in the highs.



Seriously...for ANYONE who has $500 to spend on an amp and was thinking about getting a Crate, a Line 6, a lower model Marshall, Peavey or anything of the sort...do yourself a favor and get this...you will be VERY happy that you did. This thing kills them all.



Only reason I'm getting rid of it is that I'm tired of luggin' it around and I want a much smaller rig.


Please...no trades. Thank you!! Location: North Hollywood, CA


I also have a 412 cab with Vintage 30's in it for sale for only $250!!! I'll even cut a deal for you if you get the entire half stack...$650 for both!!!


http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/msg/882399175.html. (412 cab posting)



I also have a bass amp and an 810 bass cab for sale. Hit me up or check out my other postings!


http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/msg/882393583.html. (810 cab posting)

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