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Reeves Custom 12 PS - like new!

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I have a Reeves Custom 12 PS 12 watt tube amp in like new condition! Comes in original packaging!


-$750 shipped/paypalled/OBO

I will note this amp costs $929 from Reeves brand new with the power scaling feature. Keep in mind this is also OBO! Last time I checked (granted, it was a while ago) there is also a wait on new Custom 12s, but they may be in stock now.

Trades (+cash where applicable):

-maybe a Vox AC15C1
-Definitely vintage Fender Princeton Reverb. Preferably towards a blackface.

It uses a 12ax7 and 2xEL84s. If you are unfamiliar with Reeves, they are known for making premiere, hand-wired Hiwatt-like amps.

This amp is more in the category of a smaller Marshall, but with something extra, maybe some Hiwatt flavor? It also does a good blackface Fender impression since the EQ is so responsive. The added power scaling feature is great too and makes for nice tube overdrive tones at nearly any volume.

I was surprised by how light this head is, weight wise. It does include the rear cover, which is not pictured. The construction is awesome military-grade, and it sounds great. This demo is pretty representative:

Please ask or PM with any questions. Pics:



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Bump, offers welcomed!

I will also take partial trade for an empress superdelay or EHX pog2 (these are quite specific I know...)

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