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Electro,Stage or ?

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Since the XP-30 is apparently down for the count,it looks like I'm going to need a new board.

First off I'm a guitarist/Studio owner that plays some keys...in other words I'm a bit new to this.

I have a Yamaha S80 for the Studio which I rather like but the few times I've tried to gig and practice with it there's just no way...I need something more portable.


I picked up a Roland Xp30 w/the 60's keyboard and vinatge synth board and used it for the last 2 years.It was OK.I loved the sheer number of sounds but it always felt and sounded too plastic to me...not very inspiring.Drummer has a Fantom X8 and it doesn't do much for me either.Could be a Roland thing?


So now I'm looking at a Nord Electro 76 and if I way,way stretch my budget a Stage76.I went to Guitar Satan and played around on the Electro and dug it although only played about 20..seems pretty intuitive and the sounds were mostly spot on.Liked the feel of the Electro... much better than the Roland.

Looked like a greta board to gig with and tres useful in the studio.


Problem is,although I'm mostly playing Organ,Rhodes,Wurli and Piano stuff. I occasionally use a Mellotron patch,Fake Brass,Moogy Bass,etc... not that much but enough that it would be nice to have onboard.


Anything else out there to look at with a semi weighted keyboard that has good sounds that doesn't weigh a ton...I could live without the weighted keyboard.


What's the synth like in the stage?

Can it cop Brass,Mellotronish/Strings sounds?

Also how heavy is the Nord Stage?

Weighs less than the S80 right?

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