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Ideas on the most efficient way to transfer custom Combi's from the LE to the Extreme

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I've finally scored a used Triton Extreme and I'm about to send my LE on it's merry way (not soon enough). I have between 12-15 combi's I've written that I use for gigs. I know there is no hope to transfer the combi's and have them work on my Extreme (the programs attached to combi's are in different banks), however I'm hoping to at least transfer the effects, joystick settings etc. without having to rewrite everythging from scratch.


The first problem I've seen is that in Media Mode you can only save an entire bank of sounds not single combis's. I only have between 12 and 15 combi's and programs that I need to transfer. I shouldn't have to wipe out an entire bank of combi's just to transfer 12 simple combi's that I created. Or do I?:(

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I would suggest downloading the Voice Name List manuals for both keyboards and do some "paper mapping". Since the Extreme has all of the Sound ROM of the LE (plus more), you should be able to transfer data from the LE to the Extreme and probably only have to manually re-point Bank/Program numbers.


Regarding banks, Tritons are a little weird. You can only Save an entire bank, but you can load individual Programs or Combis or load banks.


I would suggest the following:

1. For the Combis you want to transfer, write down the Program Banks/numbers they use:

Combi1 == Program A004, A045, D099


2. See if those identical Programs are in the Exteme

(If they are, you only have to worry about the Combis).

3. If the Programs aren't on the Extreme, you will have to transfer Programs as well.

4. Load each Combination, then edit it on the Extreme to point to the correct Extreme program.

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Thanks Martin....


The process was a little convulted. I did not know that you could load indivudal programs. I just loaded all my entire LE to my Extreme (thru CF Media). Then I re-edited my desired combi's and reselected the programs... saved them to user Bank N and saved the entire bank to CF. Then I reloaded the Extreme Factory settings and reloaded bank N.


It was a little backward... but much less confusing than re writing all those combi's from scratch. ;)



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