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Has ANYONE sucsessfully used an Acess Virus Cwith Cubase SX3

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HI!!! I,m hoping I'm just being thick, and that there's not something up with the MIDI put of Cubase (evil)SX3 or my Edirol firewire soundcard.


Here's my woe.....


My MIDI out from Cubase/Edirol will not communicate with the MIDI in of the Virus!!!


I installed the Acess virus C in the MIDI Device manager, (this could be the problem)


On the device page of the virus, the interface is there.... But no patches.


I installed another device called Virus C/K, this one has all the patches, but no interface!!!


I used both devices to try to get some sound out of the virus. I assigned the virus C/K to a midi track, When I selected the patch, the hardware virus did not respond, so I chose the same patch on the virus manually.


I conneted an audio O/P from the virus into cubase. I assigned MIDI channel 1 on cubase to send to the virus........ NOTHING, over and over again!!!


When I used a Roland XP50 as a MIDI controller for the virus, with the audio lead going from the virus into cubase the virus sounds worked fine.


So after much annoyance and experimenting I believe that the problem is..... Cubase's MIDI out will not communicate with the virus!!!!!


What am I doing wrong??? Pleeeeeeze help me before I gop crazy!!!:mad:

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skip midi devices in cubase for now half of them are screwed up anyway


1. create a midi track

2. create an audio track

3. select the midi tracks midi input (this should be the midi port that your keyboard is connected to)

4. select the midi tracks output (this should be the midi port the virus is connected to)

5. select the midi channel, probably want to use midi channel 1 but it depends on what channels you have set in your keyboard and the virus.

6. select the input for the audio channel, this should be the sound card inputs the virus is connect to

7. make sure you have the speaker icons lit up orange

8 press a key on the keyboard and you should the midi indicator light up and you should hear a sound


You have to get that far before messing with midi devices which are not that great anyway especially if you program a lot

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ya, i agree with umbra.


get the basics working first. make sure cubase is getting midi in from the virus (midi indicator will jump).

make sure midi channels match.

make sure your midi output is set to the edirol and on the same channel as the virus.


i guess the midi devices can be useful because a lot of people seem to use them.

but i've been using cubase forever and never used a midi device thingie - depends on what you prefer.

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Thanks guys! My head's so wrecked with it, I was trying to get it to work for ages the other night, and eventually I said, to hell with the interface, there's got to be another way. I've had nothing but trouble working with MIDI in cubase, I've found ways around all my other midi problems, but not this one yet. So, thanks for the advice. I'll try that now and see how it fairs out:)

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