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Can't decide, Yall do it for me!!!!!!


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Which pedal should i get.....


Caitalinbread Semaphore

MXR Flanger 117R

Jaques Meistersinger

Boss PS3


Here are the pedals I have currently

Boss dd3

Boss PH2

MXR Phase 90 (R28 Mod)

EH Holy Grail

Indyguitar modded Boss CS3

Dunlop Crybaby Classic

DOD FX75C Flanger

2 Loooper

Boss TU2


I have a trade pending for a VS jekyl and hyde and im fixing to buy a Mesa Boogie Single rectifier solo 50 when i find a good one. I have a few extra bucks for a pedal. I want all 4 but i cant decide which is more important for me right now. What do yall think.



ps. If you have a single rec you want to sell pm me!!!!!!!!

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