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Anyone here use an amp-shield? I just got a lexan (sp?) one...


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this thing is a godsend. where i normally have to run my DRRI on 3-4 cause of stage volume issues....last night i was able to run it on 8 1/2 with the shield. I had tond of natural breakup. Now, i'm not thinking that tone is for me tho, i'd rather run on 5 1/2 or so, and let my pedalboard do some working. But it was so awesome to be able to crank wayyy up, and have it not be an issue.


for those who are sick of having to find some type of middle ground onstage (getting the tone you want, but not having people bitch to you), i HIGHLY suggest getting an amp shield. get those power tubes workin, AND get the speaker(s) workin too. Much more real than a power attenuator, cause it's actually being cranked up, and it actually it super loud. Just the sound is baffled.


Mine covers the front, and the sides of the amp. Works perfectly.

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