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So I bought the line 6 riff tracker

Epi Guy

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uther piece of crap in my opinion. very limited and not worth the money.

however it did come with the guitar port which in my opinion is one of the most important practice tools i have ever bought. although the amp sims dont ound exactly alike they do sound VERY simalar and the effects do sound pretty sweet. if only they made a small controll board to externally switch effects that would be ideal. I think for $100 it is a very worth while investment for those who cant use alot of volume and what decent amp modeling.


Plus you can download lessons, has a tuner/metronome, and can download guitar set ups of your favorite guitarist and jam to the tracks. thats pretty sick too.


all in all i would give it an 8 out of 10. now im pissed that i have to find other software to do some simple recordings with.


anyone know if you can use the guitar port stuff alongside with say pro tools or calkwalk?

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