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Boss AB-2 volume problem


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I just purchased a Boss AB-2 to use on my effects board. I set it up so the signal goes out of my volume pedal into the AB-2, and then one output goes to my delay (DD-5). The other output and the output of the delay go into a "splitter" or in guess in this case a "combiner") that goes into my tremolo (TunaMelt). The idea is that I can tap a tempo into the DD-5, then bypass it without turning the pedal off (which would lose the tapped tempo).


The problem is that the volume when going through the delay is much quieter than when bypassing it. I thought maybe the delay was sucking the volume, but when I put everything back in line, the volume is loud again. Also, if I disconnect the cable going directly to the tremolo, the volume through the delay is back to normal.


I've tried switching the cables themselves, switching the splitter, and switching where the cables are connected, but I always get the same results (delay is quiet, bypassed is not).


Any idea what might be causing this? The AB-2 is brand new - do I need to return it?


Thanks in advance.

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Okay, so I tried every combination of hooking things up I could think of ...


{A - DD-5 (Splitter) Tremolo

AB-2{B (Splitter) Tremolo - Amp


{A (Splitter) Tremolo - Amp

AB-2{B - DD-5 (Splitter) Tremolo


{A (Splitter) DD-5 - Amp

AB-2{B Tremolo (Splitter) DD-5


{A Tremolo (Splitter) DD-5

AB-2{B (Splitter) DD-5 - Amp


So ... it seems it could be my delay, right? Well, I tried the following:


{A (Splitter) Amp

AB-2{B DD-5 - Tremolo (Splitter) Amp


and I had the volume drop when going straight to the amp. I'm stymied. I guess I'll just return the AB-2. Any ideas as to whether or not I should exchange it and try another? I've tried so many combinations I really don't think it's the pedal, but I don't know what else to do.

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I don't think there's anything actually wrong with the AB-2... exchanging it for another one will probably not make any difference.


You're trying to use it in an application it's not really intended for (in conjunction with a Y-adapter or "combiner").


There's a volume drop because there are 2 inputs connected at the same time to the tremolo or amplifier. This affects the impedence at the amplifier or pedal input.


Do you have a 2nd guitar? Try connecting both guitars to your amp via the combiner, you'll probably notice a volume drop too.


If you want to combine the 2 separate signals back together, you need an active mixer instead of the passive Y adapter.


Or better yet, instead of the A/B+Combiner, try a true bypass box. Those are designed for what you're trying to do.


check out http://www.loooper.com



- tragicmagic

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