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I had a '68 Twin Reverb with JBL D-120f's for a long time and it was a long search to find a great distortion pedal with it, because that is the cleanest amp ever! After trying a ton of them, I found the FoxRox ZIM with the two original H9's and that sounded best to me with the Twin.


I ended up selling it after using it for a few years and going with a Bad Cat Black Cat 30r. The Twin was just too clean for me. I probably could've changed the speakers and tubes to make it break up earlier, but I didn't know anything about amps then.


Try the FoxRox if you get a chance. Also, the Jersey Girl Plusdriver and Menatone King of the Britains sound pretty good with that amp too.

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I feel as if I am able to acheive both incredible fuzz tones and incredible clean tones with my '68 twin.


Dirt Boxes that sound REALLY good with my twin:

- Bee Baa (duh)

- Keeley BD-2

- J Everman Fuzz Drive 2

- Handmade Jacques Mercer Box

- Zvex Machine

- Zvex SHO


Dirts that sound okay with my Twin...but better with my Sovtek Mig 50:

- Frantone Cream Puff

- Roland Double Beat

- Keeley DS-1

- Fuzz Probe

- Baja Tech Das Fuzz Ge

- Bee Baa (thinking about it, the Bee Baa sounds amazing through both amps!)



Overall, I would say my best tones through the Twin are from the SHO cranked and creating that wonderful Twin breakup and the J Everman Fuzz Drive.


In fact, for most Twin owners, if you want to get the best distortion for a Twin - the one that sounds like it is coming from the amp - I would definitely vote for the Everman Fuzz Drive...which is a simply AMAZING pedal.


Just some of my observations.

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