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I'm excited!


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Last night I jammed with a bassist (me and my friend are looking for a drummer and bassist, we are two electrics) and he was pretty decent. We grooved pretty good, so we are jamming on thursday with him and us two put together. I thought that maybe it'd be only a slim chance of putting a band together, but now all we need is a drummer. We have a PA and a place to practice...the ONLY issue that I'm beginning to think is my friend is a bit of an ego trip. He likes to talk a LOT, sometimes I have to struggle to figure out how to get out of phone conversations with him. He wants to be the frontman I think (he owns the PA so no biggie) but at the same time he has some funny misconceptions (scoops the hell out of his tone...likes Boss Metalzone...etc.) I warned the bassist that he might come on a bit strong in advance.


What do you think of this guy? haha. Think it'll work out?

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