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SPAM: Fuzz and Eq


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Zoom UF-01 Ultra Fuzz


Discontinued analog pedal from Zoom, has controls for tone, colour, reso, level, and fuzz. Also has a built in noise gate. Awsome fuzz, very tweakable.


Best offer takes it.


Boss PQ-4 Parametric EQ


Discontinued and somewhat rare EQ from Boss, one of very few stomp box parametric EQs ever made, unbelievable control over your sound. Works great as a clean boost. You can adjust Presence, Low Level boost or cut, Mid Frequency range between 100Hz and 1.6 KHZ , and a High Frequency range between 500HZ and 8KHZ. Each frequency range selector has it's own individual levels for boosting or cutting specific frequencies, plus it has a -18 to +18 over all level boost or cut.


Best offer takes it



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