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mesa triple recto and a g system?


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sorry if there is a post,no good with a comp,trying to hunt someone down with this set up.does anyone have this set up,how is it,how does the mesa effects loop respond to it?

i have a big rack now 2 gcx's rack wah,10 pedals ,im just getting frustrated with noise and buzzing and whatever,ive been eyeballing this unit,ive had a gmaj and a g force,i like some stufff better with each unit the g force somehow sucked the tone from my head,do you get this with the g system and a mesa?

the unit and idea looks so cool,i am a lead singer and dont do a lot of pedal dancin,couple presets and stomp in or out pedals.will the g system chage the channels on my head,if not i have axess elect cfx4 to do this im using it now,delay,phaser,chorus are important to me,thanks again chris

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