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Sorry guys, but I've never had my rig rated - Here we go!


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Rate my rig!


Weta Mustang Guitar


Ernie Ball VP

Korg DT-10 (in tuner out)

Budda Bud-Wah

Keeley Comp

Small Stone

Small Clone


G2D overdrive

Boss RV-3

Akai Headrush


Sovtek MIG-50

Marshall 1922 2x12


Cables are George L's on pedalboard, Lava everywhere else.

Pedalboard is powered by Carl Martin Big John.

I also use a Ebow + and brass and chrome slides. Picks are Jim Dunlop Nylon .88 and I hold them backwards.

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The Budda is really nice. It has a looong sweep and nice chewy mids. Its a little sharp on the top end. so I rolled the pot back and its good.


Im pretty stoked with my MIG50, its been beaten and abused and never misses a beat. Its running JJ's tubes.

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Originally posted by Cow4prez

choice of guitar - 9

prediction of longevity of board - 2 months

condition of room - not messy enough - 4



Stoked to see you like my guitar, it was custom made wih a full scale neck, and native NZ timber.


Your right, the board will change, the stone and clone will be replaced with a fuzz probe and a pentavocal.


AS for the room, I'm staying at my parents house, note the 'Christian Doctrine' book to the left of the amp!!

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the guitar is very cool. not the kind of plank i go for, but cool nonetheless. the amp is a solid rock amp and it is hard not to like a good 212 cab for that rig. the pedals are good and you can extract a tonne of tones without pedalboard overkill.


good rig, well done!!!

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