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Originally posted by auditorium

that might be...uh...i don't know. but it sounds cool. is the step controller just an non-latching footswitch? or is that the regular tap switch? balls.



The MuRF Step Adapter is a female to male 1/4" adapter that attaches to your (FS-1) cable and plugs into the tap/step jack


When you first plug it in, nothing happens to the cycling of the patterns, and the Rate control sets the rate of the pattern. As soon as you click the Moog (FS-1) footswitch or send a gate signal, the cycling of the pattern stops and each subsequent footswitch tap or gate signal advances the pattern. Hence "Step" adapter, because it allows you to manually step through the pattern.


To disengage this feature, move the Rate control knob and the MuRF begins cycling through the pattern at the specified Rate..

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