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MXR phase 90/EHX electric mistress


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what's up all

i recently added an MXR phase 90 to my rig, and i had a question/concern about it. i've seen a lot of guitarists use that same lil orange phaser all the time, and i've never hear it sound this broken up before. it sounds like a way dirty phaser rather than a clean phase. i'm running it through an effects loop on my amp. does that make a difference? is it like a crybaby where you have to plug the guitar into it then into the amp? or did i maybe get a bad pedal? or is it supposed to be dirty? aahhhh!!!

also, i have an electro-harmonix electric mistress flanger (freakin' awesome, might i add) but it also has one of those little switches that are exposed rather than the silent FET switches like my boss pedals have. lately it's been making a loud click when i turn it on/off, almost like the actual click is being amplified. i'm thinking maybe a contact is dirty? if i just run to the hardware store and get some contact cleaner and spray that {censored} in there would that do the job? or is there a different, probably much harder way to fix the problem lol


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