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Help me choose which BYOC for xmas


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So my girl friend is gonna buy my one of the BYOC pedals for xmas, but I just can't decide which one I want the most.


So tell me what is your favourite.








I actually have something similar to all of them except the chorus but I don't really use chorus very often.


So I was thinking delay because I have a DM-2 and the extra 300ms of time could be kinda useful


What would you get????

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Originally posted by 4nkam

Get yourself 5 more girlfriends and you can get all the pedals

My girlfirend is pretty cool but I don't think she would like that.

I have this pink Van Halen t-shirt I wear and everytime I wear it other girls tend to give me a bit more of a smile because I got a pink t-shirt on and she always gets jealous, doesn't stop me from wearing it though:D

point is I don't think she wants to share me

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