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Analog pedals, how to "mix in" delay and other effects - Please Help!!


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Hello there,


Here is my situation - I have a lot of analog effect pedals that I am using, all in succession, into my amp. What I am looking to do is have a group of effects (combination of delays and a phase) grouped off and on all the time that I can "mix in" using a volume pedal or some kind of switch, with the rest of my pedals (like overdrive) I have tried the LS-2 line switcher by boss that works great for an effect loop for switching back in forth but when I switch from my delays to my regular signal, there is such an abrupt "cut" in the effects, it does not work (i.e. no cool delay overhang) I know an option is to have a stereo out between 2 amps but this is really not feasible for me at this time. I hope this makes sense - I can provide more clarification if necessary - thanks for your input!!!!

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