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Kudos to (((echo))) for freight-forwarding!


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A week and a half ago I was checking Ebay and found a boxed vintage MXR 10 band EQ.

The seller would only ship to the U.S., but seeing that this was one of the last pieces of my MXR collection I needed, I emailed him if he'd make an exception.


Seller didn't reply, so with 6 minutes left I noticed that (((echo))) was online.

I hurried to PM him with the link, giving me my max amount he could bid and 7 minutes later 'we' were the proud owner of that MXR 10 band EQ.


Paid him via Paypal, and it arrived today (posted Friday I believe), so that's hella fast for overseas!


I thank him for that! :thu::):wave:


If you ever buy a HWA product, I'll fix you up nicely. :)

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