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OT: Mogwai appreciation thread...


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Originally posted by ColorsoundKid

Delorean turned me onto this band a year or two back. {censored}ing great instrumentalists...

Who else digs them?



ya gotta be kidding me!

i thought being a mogwai-junkie was a pre-requisite for being on HCFX!

funny that they're always called an instrumental band though.

every time i listen to an album i think, "hm, that one has a lot more vocals than their other albums"--no matter what album it is!

i guess they're usually buried in the mix so you forget about em being there...



Originally posted by ColorsoundKid

I am listening to a live EP called Breakroom from 1999.



is that something that's on EPs + 6 or something i don't know and now must have?



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Originally posted by GuyaGuy

really? you're the only one i've heard say that. not that i'll hold it against you.

my faves:

ten rapid
(hooray for the glockenspiel!)

rock action
(hooray for effects!)



Yeah. There are 3 songs on that album that I just really connect with moreso than any others. That is why it is my favorite.


1.Haunted by a Freak


2.Stop Coming to my house


3. Killing all the Flies

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