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FX Mods - Pedal DIY Mod Kits - www.fxmods.co.uk
www.fxmods.co.uk sell DIY mod instructions and pre-modded pedals as well.

DS-1 Hot Rod Ultra
SD-1 to TS808 Hybrid
CE-2 Hi Hidelity Special
GE-7 Assassin

They are also currently running special offers on eBay.co.uk.

FX Mods have written this course showing you step-by-step how to successfully modify a effect pedal and any prior technical know-how is not a prerequisite. FX Mods know that you probably do not have any electronic knowledge, therefore they have written this course under that assumption. After reading the 20 page instruction manual (The manual appears as an electronic PDF document. You will need 'Acrobat Reader' to view it) you will have complete confidence to modify almost any other pedal. There is absolutely no doubt about that! Believe us, ANYONE can do this! This informative manual is written in plain language and is very easy to follow.

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Originally posted by joshin

I was just wondering if it is worth the money to have my ds-1 modded by Keeley, Analogman, or others. thanks



I would just do it yourself, it's fun, it turns out cheaper in the long run, and you get to start working on diy projects. So unless your one of those people that just want it done and thats it, then I'd say go your own route.


But for mods, I could do without them. The only mod I've found that I really like is the sd-808 mod. For the ds1 you could also get the tremolo and the synth mods.

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