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pedalboard with most mojo possible....


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in going with the mojo theme....


make a board you feel has the most MOJO..

...no overlapping pedal genres (2 od's, etc)...

...8 pedals max.....

..follow it up with the modern, mojo-less version that seems reasonable...




Boss Slow Gear

Mutron Octave Divider

Gray Fuzz Face (hand selected, of course)

Klon (gold, logo)

Digitech Wh1

Boss CE1

Ibanez Flying Pan

Moog Analog Delay(1st issue)


i think that would just about have the most mojo possible :) not necessarily due to the rareness factor, but just the myth and legend that has come around for each pedal.


i put the boutique counterparts in parentheses

Guyatone Volume Swell.

Boss OC2 (octron)

dunlop ri fuzz face (Analogman Fuzz)

Maxon OD808 (Burris Boost)

WH2 (boss ps3)

Boss CE2 (Choralflange)

Dunlop TS1 trem/pan (semaphore)

DL4 (memory lane)



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