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Finally got an attentuator today...


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A Weber MiniMass 25w to be exact, and it is the best purchase tone-wise I have made since I got my Pro Jr.


I can now crank that little sucker up to the point...well you know what point :thu: without pissing off the neiborhood. Its finally worth it to own a tube amp, even if it is the cheapest of the Fenders. It just gives me "that sound," the sound of rock guitar, plain and simpe and I'm wallowing in it. I wish I would have just started with a setup like this... darn Digitech RP series, shredder style guitars, and SS amps looking so nice in the Musicians Friend Catalogue...:mad:


For anyone just starting, say screw it to everything else, get yourself a simple, but playable guitar that you can work on and upgrade yourself with no risk and a simple tube amp. Then, you will have gear that you can build on for quite a while. I wish I had gone that route before I spent so much cash on other stuff, trying to get it all at once.

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