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Just built my own TS-808


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Slight asymmetric clipping with a JRC4558D op-amp. It cost me about $35 bucks for materials ($10 for the board, $8 for the enclosure, ~$10 for other hardware, and the rest of the $7 on the innards).


I got my board from buildyourownclone.com which has awesome, awesome, silk screened, high-quality PCBs. The enclosure I got from them as well, it was predrilled. Finally, I bought all my innards at mouser.com and bought the hardware (like knobs, LED bezels, LEDs, jacks, etc.) from smallbearelec.com.


If you guys are looking for 808 clones and willing to pay $150, I'd say try and build your own for the fun of it. It doesn't beat the looks of a vintage 808 (you could easily fix that) or the mojo, but I assure you it sounds just as good... I'd say mine sounds better. :D

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