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I returned the expression factory today

Jay 74

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I returned the expression factory back to the store. Overall I would say its an awsome pedal with a few flaws. All of the models sounded really good. I found myself liking the Vox wah setting alot.

Why did I return it?

The distortion part of it.

I owned the Distortion Factory before, and when I heard the expression factory had a DF7 built into it I Got rid of the the DF7 and put that money into ordering a EX7. When I received the pedal I was dismayed to find you couldn't shape the distortion sound nearly as much. the low, mid, mid freq, and high were all replaced with one tone knob. Also I did not like how it was near impossible to use the distortion without the other effects.

I really have nothing bad to say about the Effects built into the EX7.

I rebought the DF7 today, and the Metal Master still sucks:P

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