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MXR Dyna comp


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I want to get a compressor that i can use with my podxt live and leave on all the time so i don't have to continually set up a compressor on every preset. Especially since the pod's comp have so many parameters like gain and attack and threshold etc. and all these things work together and they all have to be perfect. It's tiresome. The comp i really want is a barber tonepress but i don't have the money for that right now(maybe marko's pop can help me out:D). I have neard good things about the dyna comp and how it has a nice color. Now i want to know if there are differences between different years. Are there "vintage" Dyna comps. If so would it be better than a new used one(if that made sense). I really don't know anything about it but that it's pretty cheap and i've heard it sounds good so any advice(maybe even another good cheap compressor) would be good. Thanks

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