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Do you have a MT-2 laying around....?


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If have, then do the MT-2 Sustainiac Mod offered by Monte Allums.


I purchased a MT-2 the other day for $40.00 and with the help of Chad Matthews and the Monte Allums MT-2 Sustainiac Mod the pedal has been transformed.


The pedal is not harsh and shrill anymore. The drive is smooth and sustain has increased. When playing chords the note detail is not lost in tons of distortion. With the drive turned down and level at 9:00 I can get a nice blues drive and chord tone.


I use a Keeley Compressor after the MT-2 to keep the pedal in check. This is the first time I have ever used a compressor in this way. I think it's a must with the MT-2, because it keeps the level on all strings even.


If you don't have the skills for soldering leave a note with Monte and you will be directed to Chad Matthews. Chad is easy to work with and is quick to return the pedal. I sent the pedal Saturday afternoon and it was at the doorstep on Thursday.



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