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amp experienceee...mmmm

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right now i had my bandmaster cranked, my compression set at a medium level where i like it, but i CRANKED the gain, turned everything to ten on the amp and boosted the signal with my jamman.

i also used my volume as like a boost, kept the volume down a bit so that i could clean it up pretty well, then kick it up and break up central. i should come back and try it with a higher output guitar than my tele thinline, like my PRS or SG.


wow. breakup! just like what i use my RAT for, kinda gnarly bright marshally breakup.



i wanna try it with something that doesn't suck my tone as my as the CS3 like a SHO maybe. :) :) :)


now i see for sure why i'd want a DR. Z.

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