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Returns & Shipping costs - Does This Sound Right?

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Had a Zoom G7 since December, fresh off the line & a coupla months ago some of the buttons stopped working.


After a few emails with the online ebay dealer, I sent it back in exchange for a replacement.


I paid the shipping to send it back ($25) & today I get this email from the online dealer:


"Zoom had decided to replace the G7.1ut we had sent them with a new one, s/n 002236. We are mailing it out to you today. We had to pay shipping back to Samson Technologies, and postage back to you. So, we are asking that you cover the $28.85 fee back to us."


Does this sound right to you?


Shouldn't Samson be paying the shipping to and from the dealer?


Or is the dealer trying to shaft me for the ship back to me?

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Originally posted by GuitArtMan

Most time shipping on waranty service is the customers responsibilty. If a product is DOA, I'd expect a replacement free of charge, but if it croaks during the waranty period I'd expect to pay shipping.





So you mean to say that it's normal for manufacturers not to have to swallow any of the shipping costs for their defective product?


That's F-U-C-T FUCT.


Oh - thanks for the input. Much appreciated.

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