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setup need help


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I bought some stuff to rebuild my rack setting. And I have end idea how to setup some pedals with stereo. Please help...idea needed.....................


I got some problems with my rack setup with the analogman clone chorus stereo pedal. How do I place this pedal in GCX switcher ? The Gcx don't have stereo loop.


Or should I place analogman chorus stereo pedal in the singal out from the gcx without using gcx's loop ? Then rewire the anlogman to gmajor stereo input ? If i setup this way, I will have no chance to combine the chorus with nice maxon analog delay sounding.


Here is my current setup


Guitar signal into "A"


" Front pedalboard "

1. Vht valvulator

2. Teese Pictures wah

3. Klon centaur

4. Chicago Iron Octavian PLUS

5. Big Muff

6. singal go in "B"


"Rack effect + pedal board"

1. Ground Control GCX Swither " feed in" to "feed out"

Loop 1 guystone vintage tube tremelo

Loop 2 overdrive pedal

Loop 3 another overdrive pedal

Loop 4 Marshall jmp 1 preamp

Loop 4 Sobbat Phase Breaker2

Loop 6 Analogman clonr chorus stereo

Loop 7 Maxon ad999 delay

Loop 8 G-Major


" Last Chain "

1. BBE stereo

2. VHT 2190 Power amp


" Speaker "

1. Bogner 4X12 XTC

2. Bogner 4X12 UBER

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Nice setup.


The way you have it, it looks like everything is set up to run mono until the g major. No point in going mono effects-> stereo chorus ->mono analog delay->stereo g major


Unless you are splitting the signal off the chorus to go somewhere , I see no point in using stereo with it.

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ai look like there is no other way to setup to stereo.


i play on a stereo rack setup with nice chorus b4. i can't believe how crazy is the sound. chorus panning stereo..........


looks like i can only run my analogman to gmajor or jmp1 stereo effect loop.

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