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OT: Building a 212 cab, could use some guidance.


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I tried this over in the amp forum, but didn't get much help. Effects is where I do all my posting, and you guys seem pretty knowledgable, so I thought I'd try here. My apologies for being off topic with this...


First, a little background. I have a 1980's Fender "the Twin" with the red knobs. It's in pretty bad shape really. The owner before me beat on it pretty good, and by the time I stopped playing it live a while back, it was ready for some serious shop time. My plans for it are right now having it in the shop for a full electronic tune up. New tubes, probably caps, jacks, pots, a new power cable (the ground has been cut off), and everything else that needs repair/replacing.


Once that's complete, I'm giving it a full cosmetic makeover. I'm going to re-cab the amp along with the speakers and make it look new, though I probably won't make it look stock when I'm done. I'm thinking new colour scheme, new face plate and knobs, etc.


My other plan, and leading into the point of this post, is to build a 2x12 extension cab to match the twin when it's done.


I've been toying with various back designs (open, closed, split), but what I'm really worried about is the construction of the actual cabinet. I know the dimensions of the cab will affect the tone of the cab. So what I would ask of you experts, is for some guidelines and possibilities for the construction.


I know that I could simply build a box and put some speakers inside, but I really want to make sure that this will compliment the twin. What factors do I need to take into consideration? What sort of suggestions could you make of what kind of wood to use as well as overall construction?


Thanks for the help guys.


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