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Another Boss RT-20 track (with backing track jam)

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As promised, I finally got around to putting together another track to show some of the Boss RT-20 sounds. It does that, but I figured I'd put up the backing track to hear what some of the other players out there could do with it, if anyone's motivated.



It's a pretty fun jam. I think it definitely has a Led Zep feel to it (hence the name - "Houses of the Guacamole"). The basic progression (minus some weirdness, etc.) is Em > Am > Fmaj7 > E > D > Bb .




Here's the backing track:






and here's my quick and dirty solo I recorded with it:






The link to the song page gives info about the equipment, etc.





The direct links work for downloading, but they don't seem to stream for me. You can stream by going through the soundpages.


Feel free to post any recordings you do with the backing track!

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