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V-Amp 2 Vs. Line 6 Guitarport Rifftracker?


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Hello HC.

I'm new to the forums.

I'm debating whether to get a Vamp or a Guitarport. I've heard quite good tones from both. I've also heard some bad experiences with the Vamp, but some were able to tweak and take some time with it, and was able to get good tones.


See this is were I have a dilemma, either get a Vamp (which is cheap), and take some time to get a great tone, cause I've heard alot of nice rectified tones, OR get a Guitarport, which supposedly has great tones, and I've also heard some nice rectified tones.



Also, is Vamp compatible for mac? If not, that's no problem, i've got a PC.

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