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Problem with ZOOM 9030


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Hi there..i don;t no if i post it right,,but i try.

i'm from romania, so....sory for my bad english !!!


I have a ZOOM 9030, and i have a problrm with it. When i play on it, the signal led does not go on, and i have no power on my output. I can hear something but the output is very low, not like before. i have to use my amp an the higest volume just to hear something. I tryed on the front input and olso on the rear input, and it's the same. Somebody told me that it is a bad contact inside, but i can't find it. Can anyone help me ? Maybe with a user manual or a service manual ???


I leave also my e-mail : cbagyo@hotmail.com

yahoo mess : cbagyo



please HELP ME !!! :cry:

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