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I need some new pickups

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*Sorry for the double post but i didnt get anything from the EG forum*


I have a samick les paul that need some pickups. I had a set of gibby 500T & 496R in there and got sick of them so i sold them and the guitar has been pupless for a few months.


Here is a group shot of what i have:



The Schecter has duncan jb and jazz in it and the strat and tele have fender usa pickups in them.


I dont have alot to spend but i would like to get it back into working order again. I have been looking at GFS pups but feel free to mention others that are a good deal.


And im not sure n the sound that im going for, but something classic that will fit in well with everything else without getting duplicate tones.


Ive been thinknig about a set of vintage 59's or fat PAF's

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