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Please excuse my ignorance when it comes to MIDI...


In case you need it, here's a link to the manual of the effects unit I'm interested in:


Digitech 2120




Of course, Digitech didn't want to help me out any so here I am...



The Digitech 2120 has MIDI IN/OUT, Expression Pedal IN, and a 5-Pin Foot-Controller IN.


I will use the ever so rare and compatible J12 for the 5-Pin Foot-Controller IN. That should give me all the buttons I need and 2 expression pedals for parameter control.


I guess I would then use the ROLAND EV-7 Expression Pedal for the Expression Pedal IN on the Digitech.


Link to manual: http://www.zzounds.com/item--ROLEV7


But, that's not automatable through MIDI, is it? Are there no MIDI capable expression pedals? Is that not possible from this point?


Of course, I'd imagine that the MIDI jacks on the Digitech would be hooked up to a sequencer, but is it possible to have MIDI capable expression pedals or even a MIDI mixer somehow connected via the sequencer/interface to control and automate any value changes?


Basically, I just want as many parameters as possible assigned to as many MIDI capable expression pedals or MIDI mixer faders as possible so I can automate (sequence) all the changes without having to reassing what parameter is at what pedal... ie... The more MIDI pedals or faders the better.


I hope you can straighten me out, if so, you're a Godsend!

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Read page 63 in the manual.

It sounds like you can assign midi modifiers to the expression pedal within a patch.


And when you say J12, are you talking about the Johnson J12 midi foot controller?
Why don't you just assign modifiers to the expression pedals that are onboard, and not
bother with the independent expression pedal? Everything you need to do can be accomplished
on the J12. With each patch, you should be able to assign two modifiers - one to each of
the expression pedals.

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Thanks for the reply...

Oh yes, I will definitely use up the Johnson 12 and the back panel expression input, but I just want MORE!!!!

Imagine a good majority of the BOSS pedals with all the knobs and buttons replaced with MIDI capable buttons and expression pedals. I wonder if they could/would do that? That would be really cool!!! I know it sounds like a mess... Your feet would be surrounded by buttons and pedals, but I hate having to stop playing guitar to adjust a parameter or using my foot in the middle of a song to try an assign a different parameter to an expression pedal.

It's like you could have an additional member in a band just for messing with the effects. That's a lot of fun, but you're never really on the same wavelengh. I would prefer a custom set-up like that from BOSS. I do like their sound better than Digitech, but Digitech seems to be trying to give us the MIDI and multiple expression pedals!

I think I remember once emailing analogmike about this BOSS dream, he said it might be possible with some knobs or something... He didn't seem too interested. Oh well.

I posted the same question in the Hardware & Accessories forum. Here the link to that:


I got an interesting response about the Behringer FCB1010 with its MIDI IN and merge capability, but watch out for feedback loops.

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