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How to use one multil effect unit with two separate tube amps?

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I am interested in using a multi fx box like a vintage Rocktron Intellifex or a TC electronics unit but with two completey different amps at.


Set up will be


guitar>A/B box splitter


Output A> Roland Jazz Chorus for cleans

Output B> Marshall JMP or JCM 800 for distortion


JC 120 has an effects loops but if I go with this approach I can only use the one rack fx unit for one amp only. How would I use a rack mixer to be able to use the same fx unit with two amps simulataneously playing--both Amps selected at once--or switching back and forth between clean amp (JC-120) and Marshall? I forgot to mention that I will be using a load box with the Marshall and using the line level out. Then the line level out R/L to inputs of Mosvalve stereo power amp for amplification. For the JC 120 I would just use it's own power amp and not the mosvalve. Can you effects gurus walk me through on how to make this work? Thanks!

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