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The Wasabi Delays?

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I searched, yet did not find what I was looking for...


The DanO Wasabi FWD-RVS delay. Does it have stereo outputs (ping pong setting)?


I'm stuck on delay. I don't want anything overly expensive/complicated (DD-20, DL-4, for example), but I want a few things:


-Stereo outputs (inputs too, would be nice)

-Ping pong

-Tap Tempo (A separate button, not that 'hold down for two seconds' stuff)

-At least 1 second of delay time

-Under $150


I've heard the Wasabis sound good, are freakin huge, are built like rocks (which isn't necessary, I'm pretty nice to my gear)...and I've been looking for a few days now. I know it's got tap, 3 seconds of delay, can be got for $130 bucks, and gets good reviews, but I have yet to see anything about stereo-ness. And it's not optional for me, it's a necessity. I'd go with the echo park, but it has that whole 'hold down for two seconds' deal for the delay.


Yes, it's yet another 'answer my delay problem' thread. If there's anything you guys could suggest that fulfills everything on the list, that would be sweet too. But so far, it's one of the few things I've found that I really like...plus, it's somewhat of a sleeper, which makes it SPECIAL.


UPDATE: Just caught the 'stereo outputs' in a review. I'm ASSUMING that means it might be able to do ping-pong. Still don't know for sure.

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