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Zoom G9.2tt /amp fx loop question


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I recently read some user comments about running the G9 in the effects loop of an amp and how it sounded much better. I never thought about running a multi-fx unit with distortion through the loop. So I plugged it in and gave it a shot - the difference was remarkable. It sounded WAY better going into the front of the amp than through the loop. The amp is a Fender Princeton Chorus (50watts w/2- 10's). It has both mono and stereo fx loops and I tried them both, as well as turning the cab simulator on and off, and playing with the gain switch. The distorted lead sounds were the worst - absolutely no sustain at all and the notes just died out quickly. I was hoping to add a little more dimension to my sound by going left and right out of the G9 into the stereo fx loop of the amp (which is bi-amped for true stereo), but there is too much degradation in sound for that. I guess I'll either stick with mono or add a second amp for stereo, unless I'm doing something wrong with the setup. Any thoughts?

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