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Effects Order - Please Help


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Hello all...


I have a few effects...had a board made and never really payed any attention to the 'correct' order for them.


I recently sold some pedals and got some new ones and I am re-doing my board myself and I am just wondering what the best way to order my pedals would be? My pedals as of right now:


1. Boss TU-2

2. Teese Picture Wah

3. Ibanez TS-9 (coming soon)

4. Sweet Sound Mojovibe

5. Boss RV-3


I put them in the way I 'think' they should be?


Also any recommendations for a good OD pedal for a nice John Mayer strat sound (similar to the Trio CD). I know it has a lot to do with his strats and pups and his Two Rocks. Currently I am running a Clapton Strat into a SLO-100. I really like my SLOs sound, but its either I am on the OD channel which is too much dirt or the clean channel (which I can click on the crunch and get a nice tone with, but its not footswitchable). So I want to add an OD pedal to click over the clean channel to get that nice in-between sound. I was thinking either the Keeley TS-9 or the Boss Blues Driver.....? Any recommendations???



Thanks a lot!!



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