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Software based Midi Controlled Sampler?


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I'm trying to figure out a way to use my computer to do what a sampler would do. I want to record short segments of guitar, loop them, and play over them. I also want the capability of having several segments at my disposal to switch between... basically for recording/composing on the fly... and I want to control it all with a MIDI footswitch (hit one button for start/stop record sample 1, another to play back, etc)


I'm pretty sure you can do this with a Boss RC series or Gibson TGE-05 sampler, but I want to experiment with what I have at my disposale before buying anything like that.


I thought about using Reason, but I'm not sure it can sample non-midi signals on the fly... would I need a special midi interface to do something like this?


I also thought about just assigning midi control change signals from the footswitch to keyboard shortcuts on the computer and using multitracking software to accomplish the same thing, so if anyone knows of any good sites to learn about linking midi to keyboard shortcuts and the like, that'd be super.

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