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Ok I am about to buy a trem, and I had been thinking about the Empress. Then a month or so ago I saw the Goatkeeper. I really like the wave shapping and step functions. However the only place to buy them through (analouge haven) are out. Now I talked with them today and they said that the pedal was being redesigned before the next batch was made. So that should delay their production a "few months". If anyone here has one are they worth the wait? The Empress looks amazing and has all the features I really need, but the Goatkeeper will allow me to do things no other trem (that I know of) will. I am going to be recording next month and I would like to have the same setup I will be using live. So what do you think? Should I stay with the Empress or should I wait on the Goatkeeper and just use another trem in the studio?



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